Our values

Company values are the foundation of our success.
The company’s success is primarily based on individual approach to the customers, teamwork, innovation and flexibility.

  • Individual approach to the customers

    Individual approach to the customers

    On individual basis we are focusing on customer needs and offering tailored-made solution to achieve best results. The success of our customers is also our success.

  • Quality


    Quality is one of the most important success factor. In a touch with our business partners - world-class manufacturers bringing new technologies and innovation to the Czech market. We are ISO 9001 certificated, fully align to MDR requirements. We strive to be transparent at all times and comply with all legal requirements.

  • Flexibility


    We are family based company which is offering flexible and tailor made solutions to customer needs.

  • Team work

    Team work

    Engage. Have a fun. Make others successful. Our strongest asset is the power of “we”. Basically two are more than one if they both act as one.

Our goal

1.We strive to be a reliable partner for healthcare professionals in Czech Republic.

Deliver high-quality and inovation products into the Czech market with the aim to help physicans continuously increase quality of health care.

2. Become a reliable partner for medical devices manufactures.

We choose our suppliers very carefuly in order to be able to provide a wide range of high-quality products for reasonable prices with maximum benefit for the patients.

3. With an individual and human approach to all subjects of our health care system, strive for a leading position on the Czech market in all areas of our business.